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I grew up in small town Henderson, Texas in a small southern Baptist church. We were there every time the doors were open! VBS, choir practices, G.A.'s, Wednesday night church, Sunday morning and Sunday night, you name it! 

It is crazy how God was training me and preparing me for international missions even while I was in elementary school. My mom raised us very mission minded. We delivered groceries to less fortunate people on Thanksgiving, we served in soup kitchens, and we visited nursing homes. I am so thankful that my mom taught us the importance of serving others and especially the "least of these". My father is a very out-doorsey man. Because of this, I learned to appreciate the simply life. We took after him and spent a lot of time outside. 

I looked at the ugly monster called poverty in the eyes for the first time on a mission trip to Mexico and even though I was only twelve, my heart was set on fire. Of course, because I had to return to school, missions for me were limited, but anytime we studied a third world country in class I was all ears. I remember doing an intense project on Haiti and talking to my dad about the country. He had NOTHING nice to say. I remember him saying, "Who would want to go there?"  In my heart I said "ME! I want to go there!" Little did I know that one day I would be LIVING there!


Because I realized at such a young age there was more to life than just East Texas or even just The United States, going to school and following the chase for the "American Dream" made me feel like I was wasting my life. I believe God made us all for a purpose, but accomplishments, degrees and what the world deems as "success" wasn’t helping me fulfill His call for my life which was missions.  I changed my major several times (marine biology, elementary teacher, nurse, scientist.) One night I called my mom crying.  I didn’t want to be a marine biologist or teacher or nurse! I knew I was called to do international missions and my heart would never feel content until that’s what I was doing. My mom gave me great advice. She told me, "Holly, whatever degree you get God can use you that much more. If you get a nursing degree God will use you in many ways on the mission field!"  That next Monday I went into the counselors office, showed her all my credits and asked, "Now what major should I choose to get out of here the fastest?" After I was finished with school I got a very good job working in a petroleum lab. While working there I started saving my money for missions and was always searching the internet for organizations in Africa and Haiti (I had narrowed it down to these two countries) that accepted interns. 


One Sunday at church, they announced our church was going to take our first mission trip to HAITI August 2015! Of course I attended that trip. We came to Gonaives, Haiti to work with Whitefield's Overseas Evangelism; an organization that plants churches. We did Vacation Bible School in four different churches, loved on some kids at an orphanage, and did street evangelism. It is so hard how to describe how I felt. I felt at home. I felt like it just made sense like this was my real life. The only reason I got on the plane back to America was because I was fostering three children. Shortly after I got back to the states they were reunited with their grandmother and that same month, November, I announced I was moving to Haiti with my best friend Alex! We started selling all our things: furniture, jewelry, clothes, CARS! I mean everything! It was amazing how God orchestrated it all.


On January 21st, 2016 we moved to Gonaives Haiti. We started doing kid's club, women's bible studies and other community outreaches, but I was praying for something bigger, something more of a concrete project. It felt like all of this was good, but it just felt like busy work. Then one day I had the realization that maybe God brought me all the way down here to Haiti to remove the distractions and to just draw me in closer to Him. I felt like God was asking for that to be enough. God was teaching me to be content with just Him. About two weeks after I prayed that prayer, I felt God tugging at my heart to go visit a little orphanage: Kay Espwa (House of Hope). When I walked in the kids were even more skinny and more sick than before. I met Henry, a twelve year old that was too weak to even sit up on his own. I didn’t know what I would be able to do to help them (living on a $300 a month budget), but I knew I was willing to just step in and say" YES!" When I took Henry Claud to the doctor we found out he was suffering from extreme malnutrition, dehydration, anemia, and tuberculosis. Since that day God continues to grow my faith by challenging me to say yes. During the ten months I was at this orphanage I witnessed a lot of corruption, greed, and dishonesty. I knew the director and I were unequally yoked, and as broken hearted as I was, I knew I wouldn't be able to continue my relationship with him. I couldn't imagine leaving the children, who now seemed like my babies, only to return to the state they were before. I worked very hard to track down their families and plan a way to reunite them and the hard work paid off. Just a year later, I had successfully reunited 13 children from that orphanage back with a family member. One of the families had not had everyone under one roof together in nine years! Praise the Lord for restoring these families. 


Currently, I have several different ministries functioning. Not only do I assist these families, I work at another orphanage: #1 Hope Street. My duties include translating, planning activities, and leading bible club. I also have fallen in love with my "real" job, teaching preschool (see those classes did come in handy) for the same ministry, and recently have been turning my house into more of a community center.


My house is like a Christian boys and girls club; a safe place to keep the children out of the streets. A place of hope when they do not feel hope or that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through the home, I have met a lot of unique and amazing people. One of my favorite stories is that of a pregnant 19 year old who left her baby in a bucket in order to kill him. God just needed me to simply love her and speak life into her and to teach her how much God loves her and her baby even out of wedlock. Now her and her baby are thriving.


Currently, I have a baby diagnosed with HIV living with me. When my doors are open everyone knows they are welcomed and that's how I prefer it! I provide my neighborhood children with everything from a meal to tutoring to games to devotions, but the main thing is they feel loved and important. They know I am for them, and they are learning about God's love. This has opened doors for me to find 31 children sponsors so they can go to school this year (there are no free public schools in Haiti)! Not only do the sponsors provide school, they also buy back packs, uniforms, books and other supplies! I feel like that is my mission here in Haiti. To reach the "least of these" to just be there with them, doing life with them, discipling them showing them our Father's love for them. They are important, they are special and they are loved. I do not know what is next. When I first moved here I had a heart for children. I thought that was my ministry, but now God has changed that into families and maybe one day even a community! God continues to challenge me and grow my faith. No matter what happens, I will always be a voice for the oppressed. I want God to use me to set these people free.

What Others Have To Say About Kingdom Kids

"It is so evident that Holly has enthusiastically answered the Great Commission from Jesus.  We have worked with her twice in her ministry in Haiti and the love of Christ shines brightly through her!  She has built great relationships with the people which is key to sharing the gospel."

- Mike and Sharon Rollins

"I got the opportunity to visit Gonaives, HT in August of 2017. I was taking the trip to see my friend, Holly Greer and was introduced to Christopher’s Hope Ministry. I am forever grateful I that I took the trip of a lifetime to witness God’s love at its best. Many of us in America don’t ever have to see the ugly side of poverty, injustice or corruption, however in Haiti I saw it first hand or second hand through the native people’s accounts. This ministry is serving the people and giving children and adults alike the opportunity to know and love God as well as their individual selves in order to serve Him. I am forever changed in knowing that despite circumstances, there are people that overcome their disposition in the world to learn love, acceptance, kindness, hope and fulfillment because someone cares enough to lead by example through Him." 

- Lindsey Maxwell

"What impacted me was the welcoming of the Haitian people. Never once felt scared. Everyone was so friendly and loving. Those that I met and got close to treated me like family. They might be the poorest country in the world but they are rich in love and graciously accepts others into their world." 

- Karen Skelton

“I was blessed to live with Holly in Haiti for several months and witnessed first-hand the impact she has on the lives of these beautiful kiddos. Her house is a “safe haven” in the neighborhood and her door is always open. I have watched her rescue child after child from their desperate situation and literally change the course of their lives. She helps them with all their needs and is truly a modern-day disciple. She models the love of Christ and the kids are always learning from her! I have continued to support Holly and her ministry from the states, as I know how tirelessly she works to support and care for these kids. She is faithful with her money and every dollar goes towards the kids and their future! I am forever changed after walking alongside her! The time spent with these kids in Haiti has changed my life. I think they taught me more than I taught them!”

- Kelsey Couture 

As I am celebrating my 6th year coming to Haiti, I have met many people who share our passion. 

One particular missionary that is dear to my heart is Holly Greer. I am in such awe of her full time commitment of partnering with what God is doing in Haiti. Not only does she live there full time serving the Haitians through teaching, she opens her home to incoming missionaries to provide them a place of rest. 

Holly is gracious, loving, joyful and humble. 

I just love being with her. 

After a day of conferences and teaching, Holly provides a home away from home. A place to reflect, rest and receive Love. I am so thankful that Father has placed her in my life. 

For those who are looking for an opportunity to give and contribute to a greater cause, I would encourage you to contribute to what she’s doing. 

- Shannon Smith

We are all God’s children and are equal in His eyes. Geography, though it should not, can tip the scales. In Henderson, it seems that there is a church on every corner. Meanwhile in Gonaïves Haiti, voodoo seems to prevail. Holly’s ministry seeks to build relationships with children and their families and through fellowship, show them how to live for and love Christ. She helps families send their children to school, reunites children to their birth parents, and hosts Bible studies in her home. She helps feed the neighborhood’s hungry children and gives them a safe place to stay. She is a haven and a staple in her community.

- Kayla Tillison

Haiti is a place of extreme poverty, yet it is filled with unbelievable joy and hope. The glimpse of the challenges of simple tasks—the market, laundry, travel, and hygiene were just posed with genuine fun, authentic relationships, and spiritual growth. Visiting Haiti made me a better human.

- Shannon Dickerson

For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me. I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. John 17:8-9

© 2016 Founded by Holly Greer

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