Guershon is the youngest of the 7 siblings. Of all the Americans that come visit not one of them has forgotten Guershon. He loves school, working with his father in the garden, soccer, bikes, and he loves people. Really, he loves everything!


The easiest way to sum him up is with a prophesy that was spoken over him by a pastor when he was 8 years old. The pastor stated that he is a soldier, a mighty warrior for God! Every time we have an all night revival service, Guershon is there. He never falls asleep and he faithfully beats on his bucket drum and is soaking up everything going on around him. 


Please pray for his parents and I as we are training this mighty soldier! 


Farez is the youngest in his family. Once he comes out from hiding behind his mom, he is a comedian. He is always telling jokes or rapping funny things. He has matured so much in the past year, but still has a ways to go. We are teaching him how to handle his emotions in a Godly way.


Please pray for him to rid his heart of all the anger so God can fill it up with His fruits of the spirit. 


Estael is12 and the youngest girl in her family. 


She is a blessing to be around. She never complains, always has hugs for everyone, and never meets a stranger! If she stays on this path, she is going to BIG things for the Lord. I pray her family will continue to protect her innocence as they protect her from the world and its temptations.


Not every child rebels. Not every child goes through a wild stage and that is our prayer for her.  


Karrisia is a little girl who transitioned out of the orphanage back to her family. She is in the first grade and is as sweet as she can be! She is very shy at first, but once she warms up she is quite the little snuggle bunny! She enjoys braiding her sisters hair, dancing, playing with dolls, drawing and all the innocent things young girls like to do. 


I pray that God continues to grow her self confidence as He reveals her value to Him.  

Ti Rose

Ti Rose is the toughest little 6 year old girl I know. She is a wild one (just like her mama), but definitely has a sweet side. She loves helping with the baby or really doing any chores! Because she is always around older boys, she has had to be tough and mean.


My prayer for her is for God to restore her childhood and her innocence! I pray she continues to have the passion to go to church and the joy when worshipping Him.  

Me Me

MeMe is a true orphan who's parents were murdered brutally inside their home, which caused her to live with a family member that doesn't treat her as such. This year is particularly exciting because its her first year going to school. Because everyone insults her saying she is ugly or calls her big teeth and dumb, she is very shy and has no self confidence. She needs a lot of prayers as she discovers who she is in the the Lord's eyes!


My prayer for her is she can see her value in God's eyes and can start to understand the way he sees her: His daughter, His princess!

Henry Claud

Henry Claud is a 15 year old who is not very good at school so he is just kind of lost. He is only in the second grade so would rather be out with his friends or even working than going to school. I am praying for a God given direction for him. I'll let God show us what His will for Henry Claud.


He loves his new found freedom after leaving the orphanage and has many friends so he can be found playing soccer, dominoes, or marbles from sunup to sundown. I am praying these things do not distract him from what is important. He needs a little motivation. In Haiti many of these kinds of crowds can lead to a harmful lifestyle so we just pray against that! 

Ti Roobens

Ti Roobens is what some may call the black sheep. He has seen and done a lot and loves the hustle of the street life. This past year he has changed a lot, and even said one day "I don't steal anymore. I don't cuss anymore. God changed me!" He is in a very difficult situation as his family practices voodoo. 


I am praying against those strongholds, and for Ti Roobens to come to know the real living God! 


Kaduchka is the oldest of 7 children. She is a senior in high school. She has an amazing testimony of how God miracuously healed her and she never forgets to thank Him for all He has done in her life. She has a servant heart, always helping everyone around her. We can praise God that she has already accepted Jesus in her heart, but we will continue to pray for her walk with Him. She is so devoted to God. Sometimes I even look at her and think I want to be like her when I grow up. She frequently climbs the mountain to fast for several days, and she is already a leader in her church. Oh I love to watch her pray and worship. 


Pray for her future husband. Pray for her to continue stay focused on serving God and to not get discouraged. 

John Berry

John Berry is the sweetest 16 year old you've ever met. He is very affectionate and thoughtful. His mom died in 2018 and he now lives with me. I can tell he is becoming more interested in being "cool" and having cool toys. Please help me pray for him as he is at a very vulnerable time of his life. As he is making big decisions, I pray that he doesn't see the world as appealing anymore instead he can see what the world truly has to offer. I am praying he takes learning about God more seriously.  


Hovetchen has also been transforming in the past 2 years. Along with Parolo, he endured a lot during the transition from the old corrupt orphanage back to his family. He could go days without talking or smiling. He struggled as he held in all his hurt to himself. We have since walked him through some forgiveness and he seems to be doing much better. Once you get all the hate and anger and unforgiveness out of your heart there is room for joy, peace, and love. He is very interested in being a Christian. Sometimes he just sits by himself reading the bible, but has not made that big decision to accept Jesus into his heart and be baptized. 


We are praying for that decision to be made and for more healing of his heart. 


Karly is such a great kid. I think I have only ever gotten on to him once before! Although he is small in size (about the size of a 9 year old) he is so very mature! He asks deep questions, challenges me if he doesn't agree, and even encourages me. He has a beautiful voice; I love when he leads worship! Once when we were talking, he told me he cant make the big decision to be saved yet because he isn't ready (meaning he still sins). I explained to him that's why we NEED Jesus. He'll never be able to stop sinning on his own! I am frevently praying Karly accepts Jesus into his heart! 


Loy is the oldest of the group and now actually lives with my missionary friend, Alex! I am so proud of him because he is turning into a man. He has many responsibilities and has matured. I love the way he talks to the rest of the kids and teaches them life lessons. He lives in Jubilee, which is right outside of Gonaives. Jubilee is a very dark place due to lack of education as well as extreme poverty, so be praying that he doesn't fall into the temptations it has to offer.  


Ensi is a son of a witch doctor. He came to me VERY angry and with a spirit of "I am going to make you respect me!" He thought in order to be the top dog he had to be mean and hateful, oh how that has changed! Out of all the children that attend youth group, he has the most interest in learning about God. In fact, one night at the crusade he even said he wanted to be saved and baptized! We have had several deep conversations about God, being a Christian and The Bible. 


Pray for him as he is coming out of the darkness and into God's arms! 


Dalencia is a sassy little 4 year old! She actually got a sponsor that helped her go to school this year! Oh I wish you could hear her speaking french with her cute little lisp. Her mom is so sweet, walking her to school everyday and helping her practice her lessons. You can see the pride on her face!


Pray for Dalencia to understand that God is her father and her provider! 

Ti Bibines Love-Youdine

Ti Bibine  is what we would call a sophmore (she has two more grades after this one). She is so extremely full of joy! I have been praying for her and training her to take over this ministry if I ever leave Haiti. She has the heart for it! She loves the least of these and is saved. She has so many talents to serve the Lord.


Join with me in prayer that as she is growing in her relationship with him, God reveals his plan for her. She has a beautiful voice that I know God will use in His church. I pray she walks boldly in her calling. She is a natural leader.  


Abby is the youngest in her family. Not only is she a great kid, she is so very intelligent. Although she is only 6, she is in the second grade and can read better than most children two times her age!


I pray as she grows up, she listens to her parents counsel and falls in love with God more each day! 


Sandro Estime was born in raised in Marmelad, a beautiful little town, with two of the best parents I have ever met! He has two older sisters and two younger siblings, and their family is very close. I am so grateful for Sandro because he is so responsible and hard working (he even knows how to cook!) He plays a few instruments and enjoys preaching at his church. 


My big prayer for him is to be set free from religion and the laws. He is a member of the seventh day advantist church where they live under the old testament laws, which is great because he stays out of a lot of trouble, but it is important for him to understand God's grace and His love too! 


Dachka is the second oldest in the Dufrene family. She is also a senior in high school and wants to go to college to be a nurse. She is very focused in school and is determined to be the first of her extended family to graduate. She also has given her life to Jesus! After the whole family being reunited she now leads devotions every morning and every evening. She is VERY responsible and holds the rest of her family accountable to prayer time. 


One specific prayer for her would be that even though she wants the very best in life for herself, she has to remain thankful for what God has already given her. She also has a pretty serious boyfriend that the whole family loves so we will pray for their relationship and that they keep God first.  


Ivensly (Zo) is the class clown. He can puts a smile on everyone's face. He is very energetic and loves to play soccer and dance.


He has a great Christian mother so join me in prayer of encouragement for her. Being a single mom is not easy. Zo also needs prayers as he is learning how to forgive his father for leaving them.  


Parolo has been through a lot. At just 6 years of age he was placed in an orphanage. He has watched many faces come and go. He ran away from the orphanage because they were going to tie him up and beat him with a jump rope! He was very confused and angry causing him to fail a grade last year because he got kicked out of school. Ever since he has been reunited with his family, I have been seeing a transformation in his life. There is more joy, more "want to", more interest in God, and more love. He talked about being saved, but said he wasn't ready. He said he wanted to make that decision with all his heart, but wasn't quite ready to give up the world. Please help me pray that he listens to that little tug at his heart. Open his eyes to what the world really has to offer him and that it is not as appealing as it seems.  


Sadrack is now 18 year old and is the leader in his family. He is very wise and honest. He hates injustice and anything sneaky. Let's just say this, he hates sin! Because he is so determined and responsible, he is usually always first in his class at school. He told me he has a dream for his future. He is saved and takes his Christian walk very seriously. He actually plays the drums in church! I want you guys to pray for him to never be discouraged, and that he continue to be such a good example for his younger siblings. I pray for a God given direction for his life, and a double portion of wisdom as he leads his family.  


Bilson also has an amazing testimony of how God delivered him from the orphanage.  Because his  family lives way out in the country (not even motos can get there!), he is living with Mami Mia Dufrene during the school year in order to get an education. We are all so proud of him, because he is usually first in his class!


Bilson has already accepted Jesus into his heart. Praise the Lord! Now, just help me cover him in prayer as he becomes a young man to continue following God's will.  


Selantha is now back with her mom in Port-Au-Prince. After losing contact with her for over a year, I was so excited to get to visit her! Although she wasn't in school yet, she was thriving at home with her family! I am so thankful that God brought me back into her life and allowed me to help give her family a little extra support in order to get her in school. This is one of those beautiful stories of what it means to empower someone! All glory to God! 


Evenson was also transitioned out of the corrupt orphanage, but because he is a true orphan he is now at #1 Hope Street Orphanage (With Mama Jan). That in itself is a miracle! He is absolutely thriving. He has been first in his class at school and he is becoming a great leader at the orphanage. He even plans to attend the next baptism class! I love watching him grow, it's like peeling layers off an onion. He is being trained to be a disciple, and I believe he is going to be a Godly leader one day! 


Kender is sweet and so very helpful! He never meets a stranger.  He loves playing soccer and is always excited about going anywhere with me. He has an older brother and two younger sisters, and when I am not at home, his mom doesn't mind if all the kids hang out at their house.  This year I have seen his personality coming out more than ever, but he still tends to follow the lead of whoever he is around.  I pray that God builds him up to not only know what is right and wrong, but to practice it no matter who he is around. 


This is Pachello. He is 15 and is the most helpful hard working kid I know. He has 4 sisters and another sibling on the way! His family is not Christian. He has changed so much, but isn't saved yet. He use to be very angry and easily insulted now people say stuff to him and he just blows it off and he is always smiling! He loves to go to church, but hasn't made the decision to accept christ! This is his first year in school so be praying for him to pass because sometimes he misses school due to his mom needing him to work.  


Deborah is a sweet girl with a cute personality! She is the little queen of the neighborhood. I am so proud of how much she has matured. When I first moved in, she would throw temper tantrums, cuss and never want to say sorry! Now she is quick to not only say excuse me, she will let you know when YOU need to say excuse me! Praying for God to protect her innocence and that she doesn't grow up being of the world.  


Odeson is Kender's older brother, and he is very protective of him. Odeson likes to be around, but usually is very distant. Being physically touched or personal communication is not his cup of tea.  He gets very passionate about soccer (playing and watching). What I appreciate about him is that he doesn't pretend. Either he likes something or he doesn't. Right now he isn't so sure about God or have much interests in learning more so I just pray for that to change! I'm praying for a revelation of God's love for him. 

Son Son

Because Son Son is very determined and responsible, he only has 3 years left of high school. The adverage 16 year old is in 8th grade! Son Son is very quiet as well and extremely well mannered.  He is also a 7th day Advantist and knows a lot about the bible like answers to this question, "What is the shortest verse in the Bible and where is it found?" I pray the more time he spends at my house that he will be set free from religion and find a balance between the laws and God's sweet grace!" 

Shon Shon

Shon Shon is pretty new in the neighborhood and is already 16 so he has already had a lot of his "training" unfortunately in the streets. He is rough around the edges, but something keeps pulling him in! I definitely have to applaud his deligence, because I have had to confront him many times and even given him punishments, but he keeps coming back! Pray he will have a personal encounter with God, not only hear the stories and learn the principles of being a Christian. 


Roobens is very intelligent and comes from a great family who is Seventh Day Avantist. He is very slow to speak, but when he does you know it's going to be good. He does very well in school most likely because he is always studying! Whenever we do Bible trivia, everyone always wants to be on his team! I am praying this over his life: "not only for him to have the knowledge about God and the Bible, but to have a personal relationship with Him!" 


Edith is now 20 years old and has a 7 month old baby boy named Jeffson. When I first met her she had literally no self-confidence. Her parents shamed her because she got pregnant out of wedlock even to the point of telling her she is not their daughter anymore. She never had opinions. She barely even talked. She didn't look people in the eyes. She felt like she had no value and was so embarrassed about being pregnant, she actually attempted to get rid of her baby when he was first born. It is amazing to see how much God has done in her life since then! She is a great mother.  She talks to her son, plays with him, and just stares at him with a smile on her face while she holds him. Let's pray she continues to understand her identity in Christ. I pray for continued healing and forgiveness. Of course pray for her journey as a new mom raising Jeffson.  

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