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Big Changes

To begin, I will no longer be teaching preschool at Institute of Hope. That season of my life was absolutely incredible! But I feel as though God is calling me to new things. I will be staying home with Gabriel and really focusing on KINGDOM KIDS. Of course it felt like a loss to not be involved in such a great ministry, but shortly after this decision God started really downloading blueprints of how to expand, organize, and steward the ministry of Kingdom Kids! I have been meeting with like-minded people and really brainstorming about what young boys and girls need and what a safe place should look like. As soon as I started writing down all my ideas, God started putting people in place. I am so super excited about this upcoming year. It's going to be so good.  This past year we paid tuition and provided school supplies and uniforms for 42 children, but I have a total of 54 children from age 3 to 22 that are apart of my ministry.  I am working on a new schedule for this upcoming year. We will have one day for the younger kids, but I really want to pour into the teenagers. the following list is a glimpse of the programs I will be offering for my older kids: Sex ed/ relationships Table etiquette/manners Job interview Bible  Word/Typing English Driving motorcycle and car Getting all IDs  Dance Plant/garden Health class/hygiene/nutrition Tools (measuring) Budgeting/business Swimming Tutoring Basic Car Care  God has brought an amazing friend in my life to stand by me in this ministry! I feel so very blessed to have found the perfect guy to help with youth group.  Every time we meet I just say "YES! EXACTLY! Writing that down!"  Some people call him "Little Pastor" but his name is Jude. He is Haitian but went to Bible school in the states so he has a sound understanding of religion vs. relationship with God. He actually had the same dream as I do: to create a safe space to talk about Jesus and get vulnerable about their every day struggles.  He also recognized there are not many activities geared towards teens here so they end up going to parties. We want to create a community where they have something to do every week but also friends and leaders they can turn to when they need something.  We will do youth group every Friday night. We'll have a lesson and then break into small groups to talk about the lesson and ask specific questions in order to get everyone to reflect on their lives. This is huge. Culturally there are not many outlets for young children to talk about their struggles and emotions.  I am still in the planning stages connecting with people and finding/creating curriculums. So please support us in prayer for each curriculum to be ordained and every person involved to be anointed.  It blows my mind how He is providing the perfect people for each program. In January we will have an American "intern" come stay for a few months to help teach a few of these programs. We are also collaborating with an organization called Gabriels promise in Carrefour who have the same kind of vision of ministry! Of course expanding always costs more money (like buying curriculum, paying people to to teach it and the supplies we will need) but I know our God will continue to provide. A very generous donor has sent us 5 laptops to begin our typing and English programs. The little things like that, God always takes care of.  With all this downtime, it has been good to have a new project. We have also had so much fun creating a preschool room for Gabriel. We have been decorating and even making new learning activities. Ensi and Patchello have been a big help. I enjoy getting ideas off Pinterest and remaking them.

I have attached some photos as usual to show you what we have been up to!

I am so excited to continue this journey with all of you!

God bless!

Meet Jude: 1) I love God, but I need to do a better job of loving Him with my actions.  I realize I can only love Him because He loved me first.  2) My family comes first. 3) I have the most amazing sisters in the whole world. 4) No place I would rather be, Home.  When I get married home will be where my wife and kids are. 5) I'm all about creativity. 6) I don't sit and wait for others to take care of me.  I work. 7)  I have a heart for people ( I'd love to hangout with you and get to know you) 8) My mistakes are many, but I try not to repeat them.  TRY is the key word. 9) Cool socks are the best. 10) My craziness is contagious 11) My favorite food is what is on the table.

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