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Henry Claud was hit by a car in 2008. His family could not afford to get medical help so his leg healed improperly. He has always had a limp, but this weekend I noticed it is getting worse as he gets older. Through some networking, we found an American doctor in Port au Prince who not only agreed to do a consultation for him, but said he is pretty sure they can make his leg straight again through surgery! We have an appointment next Wednesday August 12th. If we had the funds, there is a chance that we could also have the surgery the very same day!

Right now, I have set a goal to raise $1,000 dollars before the appointment on the 12th for travel, hotel stay, consultation, and potentially surgery. After this appointment Kingdom Kids will be sending another ask with a more definite amount. Would you pray about partnering with us to get the surgery Henry needs?

Join us in prayer for safe travels, favor in the hospital, and clear constructive answers from the Doctor. We are already excited for this glimpse of hope, but praying we can turn his dream into reality.

Thank you all greatly and God bless!

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