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The Quarantine Crew - Update 3

Before closing the gate for quarantine I had one BIG thing on my heart- Gabriel’s little sister, Madeline. She is 3 months old, and also HIV positive.  Their parents had been asking me to take her in so she can be put on antivirals, but I wasn't getting the "green light" from God. Covid-19 completely changed the situation. With me being home, I felt like the timing was right. I couldn't imagine leaving Madeline "on the outside" to weather the storm of the virus.  Their father brought her to me the Friday before I closed my gate, and we agreed I would keep her for the entirety of the pandemic only.  I tried to take her to the public hospital that next Tuesday to get her enrolled in their HIV program, but they were no longer taking patients. The hospital was, and still is, closed.  I have been told they have since put up large tents outside of the building to tend to select patients, but I am not sure if existing AIDS patients are being seen at this time. We got to love on and care for Madeline for about two and half amazing weeks. Gabriel and I thoroughly enjoyed her snuggles. It was sweet to see Gabriel singto her and pat her back- he loves his sister so! Madeline was a breath of fresh air, and I indulged in spoiling her with long baths and sweet smelling lotion. After nearly 3 weeks Madeline’s parents decided to come pick her up without offering any reasons. She is now back at home with her parents. We enjoyed the time we got to spend with Madeline, and I will forever cherish the photos and videos of Gabriel with her!  Please join me in praying for Madeline and her parents as their immune systems are comprised; putting them at a higher risk during the Covid-19 outbreak.

So, who is in my quarantine crew? Ensi, Patchello, Gabriel, James, and I have quarantined together.  Karly’s parents wanted him to come home to the countryside while school was closed down.  Although we were so sad to see him leave, they are great parents. I am glad he has been blessed with parents that want him close to them during this time of certainty.  I also made the decision to have James quarantine here because I needed someone with a vehicle to be able to go and buy supplies. His cooking skills come in handy as well-haha.  I knew he wouldn't be able to stay in a strict quarantine outside of our walls. I needed his help so I wanted to guarantee we could avoid cross contamination.

As we have been able to observe the virus’s course of action in our community, we have begun to incorporate small outings outside of our walls. We are careful to still take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and stay safe, but it is nice to venture out. 

It has also been such a blessing to see how God has taken this less than ideal situation and used it to edify my family unit and myself individually. I personally have taken so much more time to rest and listen to God as he speaks to me. There have been many times that the Lord has revealed new ideas and plans that he has for the future of my ministry. I have enjoyed the time of silence and stillness. I will forever treasure all of this quality time with my family. The boys have learned so much and acquired so many new skills and hobbies!

Baby Madeline

Birthday party!

Baby Madeline and Gabriel

nap time!

Gabriel watching as Madeline sleeps!

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